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Love it, well animated also.

Stage 4 is the hardest one. Funny animation, I guess this relates to a lot of things: not just your Flash program crashing but maybe also a game crashing without you having saved the game. It might have been funny if you made the animation into a loop instead of ending it (again) at the beginning.

It's creepy, but also a bit predictable what will happen.

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Cool game, it had a lot of twists and surprising moments!

Cool game! The idea had been done before, but the execution was very well done here. I like that Mr. Timan has a goatee like Gordon Freeman from Half-life. The only complaint I had was that the game was to short and the puzzles to easy.

Vogd3 responds:

This is very hard to invent puzzle levels! If you have some ideas pm please:)

Cool game! Love the original idea.

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I can't send you a message because your inbox is full. If you fix it, I can reply.

As for the song: I can't speak Russian so I didn't know what was being said. But I am getting a bit of a sad vibe from it (the singer sounds sad).

Cool song! Like you said, it is a bit dancy so not 100 percent chiptune. I would prefer if you would have skipped the start (0-10).

johnfn responds:

Hm... Ok!

This is a really cool soongs, it has a bit of a keygen song vibe!

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Nice but...

I hope you are aware that there are programs that do this for you?
Anyhow, I like the colour combinations but because you used diffrent pictures for the same colour it looks a bit random. This might be fixed by using the same picture each time. Because of this the yellow looks a bit weird (with the black stripes trough it ).


peppypippy32 responds:

lol...well, i didnt know that there are programs for this...this was all done on photoshop, and mmy colors i made random for a reason...it gives it a tetured look

<3 Rikku

Her mouth is a bit to large imo. Her gloves should be darker. Her shawl has two "endings" I can only see one. The should could be a little lighter. Other than that it is just awesome!

You should make Rikku from FFX or an other dressphere from FFX-2!

I like making flash games :)

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